PROLU Specialize in Cold Forming since 1998

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Our Processing Capability

Our Processing Capability

Company has Welding workshop, Scraping workshop, Rough processing workshop, No.1 Finishing workshop, No.2 Finishing workshop, Precision Grinding workshop, Assembly workshop.

Sand blasting machine, LatheMilling machine, Planing machine, Drilling machine, Grinding machine, Boring lathe, Wire cutting machine, Gear hobbing machine, precision CNC machine tool, CNC machine center,ect. Totally more than 70 sets.

We produce 95% spare parts of screw cold heading machine,steel ball cold forming machine, and screw auto packing machine.To ensure the controllable of parts quality, and then from the technology to the process, from processing to testing, dynamic control, quality inspection and follow-up is carried out, to ensure that the each process of parts production is strictly up to the design and manufacturing standards.